Snuggle Strap Harness
Snuggle Strap Harness
Snuggle Strap Harness
Snuggle Strap Harness
Snuggle Strap Harness

Snuggle Strap Harness

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Make Walks More Enjoyable

Do you struggle to keep your dog in line while out walking?  The Snuggle Strap Harness gives you a secure grip on your dog while discouraging pulling and jumping so you can enjoy a more carefree walk with your dog.

Comfort You Can Count On

Does your dog half strangle himself every time you leave the house together?  Reduce the stress on his neck with the Snuggle Strap Harness.  Give your dog the comfort of stepping out wrapped in a cozy light weight padded harness that evenly distributes pressure so he can comfortably enjoy his walks without the strain on his neck.

Key Benefits

  • Easy To Use  After an initial adjustment fitting, this simple step-in harness vest can be quickly snapped into place to get you out the door in minutes.

  • Safe & Secure  Securely strapping your dog into the Snuggle Strap Harness ensures you can pull her from danger without injury and won't lose her to a broken collar if she gets excited.

  • Discourages Pulling  Since straining against the harness only results in his front legs awkwardly losing contact with the ground, your dog will quickly learn that pulling doesn't doesn't give him the forward momentum he's looking for.

Features & Specs

  • Added Visibility  The reflective piping detail around the Snuggle Strap Harness gives your dog an added layer of visibility in low light situations.

  • Materials   The Snuggle Strap Harness is a breathable soft suede velvet vest featuring adjustable straps, a quick release buckle, and welded metal rings for convenient leash attachment.

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