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Snuggle Pet
Snuggle Pet

Snuggle Pet

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Reduce Stress
& Anxiety Behaviors
So You Can Get
A Good Night's Sleep ...

Are you trying to crate train your new puppy only to find he cries through the night out of loneliness, keeping you awake?  Maybe your dog gets stressed out and wants to be in your arms every time a thunderstorm rolls through or there are fireworks nearby. What soothes your dog is the rhythmic beat of your heart next to theirs. 
Now you can recreate this sense of security
with the Snuggle Pet featuring 
a pulsing heartbeat device.

    Sooth Your Dog With A Natural Calming Solution.

    By satiating your new puppy's need for constant companionship with the 'real-feel' pulsing heartbeat that appeals to his natural instincts, you'll reduce unwanted crate training behaviors such as whining and barking.  Rest assured that you'll all get a better night's sleep with the Snuggle Pet.

    Key Benefits

    • Reduce Negative Behaviors  Sooth your puppy with the rhythmic heartbeat to help reduce unwanted whining and barking when your puppy is left alone in his crate.
    • Smooth Transition  Ease the anxiety your new puppy may feel from being separated from his littermates.
    • Calming  Naturally reduce the stress of being alone in a new environment or experiencing frightening new noises.
    • Soft & Snuggly  Made of high quality cotton, your puppy will love to cuddle up with his new companion.

      Features & Specs

      • Battery Operated 'Heart' Device  
        Takes (2) AAA batteries for operation
        ( Not Included )
      • Hours Of Comfort  Battery operated heart offers approximately 300 hours of continual comfort. 
      • Easy To Maintain  Simply remove the battery operated heart and put the high quality plush cotton toy in the washing machine on the gentle cycle anytime the toy needs to be refreshed.
      • Additional Accessories  The Snuggle Pet can be used with the Snuggle Puppy disposable heat packs (not included) for an even more 'lifelike' feel.


          • Insert (2) AAA batteries in the heart device.
          • Press the button on the heart device to activate beating before placing it in the zipped pouch on the pet's belly.

          • Place Snuggle Pet in the crate with your puppy to soothe separation anxiety.
          • Initial observation is recommended to make sure your puppy doesn't chew up the toy.

            Included In Package
            1 Pet + Heart

            Shipping Notice:  Due to popular demand we are experiencing longer than normal lead times.  Order processing could take 7 - 14 days followed by shipping of 14 - 21 days.  We thank you for your patience.


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