Safety Belt Plus
Safety Belt Plus
Safety Belt Plus
Safety Belt Plus
Safety Belt Plus
Safety Belt Plus
Safety Belt Plus
Safety Belt Plus

Safety Belt Plus

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Keep Driving Distractions To A Minimum

Does your dog get so excited to be in the car that he can't contain himself? 
Help keep him in place with the Safety Belt Plus and minimize your driving distractions to keep everyone safe on the road.

Safety You Can Count On

Do you worry about protecting your dog against the force of a sudden stop?  With the Safety Belt Plus you can be confidant he'll be safely tethered in place.

Key Benefits

  • Securely Strapped In  Give your dog added protection with this chest strap harness seatbelt set.

  • Universal Connection The universal seat belt tongue fits most standard seat belt connections.

  • Ideal Length  By adjusting the buckle you can choose the best leash length for your dog, giving her enough room to comfortably sit, stand, or lie down.

Features & Specs

  • Variety  Available in a variety of sizes and colors to best suit your dog.

  • Strong Connections  The molded metal alloy seat belt and harness connections guarantee secure attachment to both your dog and the car.

    • Materials   This mesh harness features strong adjustable color fast woven polyester straps with quick release connection, adjustable length leash, molded alloy seatbelt connection, and 360° rotating clasp.


    • Safety Precautions   It's highly recommended that the Safety Belt Clip is only attached to a harness used in the back seat.  The front seat exposes your dog to potential airbag injury and attaching the leash to the collar could lead to a broken neck from strain of impact were there to be an accident.

    Included In Package

    (1) Leash  |  (1) Harness



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