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Pocket Quencher
Pocket Quencher
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Pocket Quencher

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Always Be Prepared When
Your Dog Needs A Drink ...

Have you ever been enjoying a long walk with your dog on a hot day when you notice he's panting and thirsty but you're nowhere near a water source to give him relief?  With the Pocket Quencher you can not only carry water with you for your adventures but give your dog a convenient way to drink as well.


    Carry A Convenient Leakproof Water Dispenser Wherever You Go ...

    Have you ever brought water along for your dog only to realize you don't have anything to put it in and there's no easy way for them to drink from a bottle?  Maybe you can find a makeshift bowl or cup for them to drink from but then you have to dispose of the unused water and you've now got wet items to take care of.  With the Pocket Quencher you will have a leakproof solution to carry and dispense water for your dog that's not only convenient but hassle free as well.


    Key Benefits

    • Leak Proof  The bottle incorporates a food-grade silicone gasket and locking switch to ensure no water escapes while in the closed position.
    • Durable & Portable  This food-grade shatterproof bottle conveniently fits in the water bottle pocket of any bag for easy transport.
    • Easy To Use  After extending the trough, the easy one hand operation of the lock and dispenser button ensures you can operate the bottle with one hand while securely holding your dog's leash in your other hand, keeping your dog safe and under control during the process.
    • Safe & Easy To Clean  Utilizing food-grade materials to resist bacteria, this bottle can be easily disassembled for cleaning between uses.

      Features & Specs

      • Large Capacity  Bottle holds up to 10 oz (300 ml) of water
      • Available With A Carbon Filter Insert  Bottle can be purchased with a replaceable carbon filter to ensure impurities are removed from the water to provide clean safe drinking water for your dog.
      • Bacteria Resistant   Food grade ABS is utilized to make the bottle bacteria resistant.


        • Twist off the top to fill the reservoir with water.
        • Replace top with a secure twist to get your bottle travel ready.
        • When you're ready to use simply pull the top away from the bottle to expose the drinking trough.
        • Unlock the dispenser button with a toggle of the switch.
        • While holding the bottle at an angle, press the dispenser button to release the water into the trough so the water pools conveniently for your dog to drink.
        • When your dog is done drinking simply reverse the angle of the bottle so the water goes back toward the reservoir while holding the release button so the water flows back into the bottle.
        • Finally, toggle the switch to the locked position and compress the trough to the original position on the bottle then you're set to put it back neatly in your bag.

        Included In Package
        1 Water Bottle

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