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Stay Ahead Of The Mess

Do you ever feel like you're fighting a constant battle against the dog fur in your life?  With the help of the FurBot you can reduce your weekly cleaning time simply by introducing this easy to use device to your daily routine.

Easy Cleaning
At Your Fingertips

Take your daily home maintenance to the next level.  Not only will the FurBot keep your home tidier between cleanings, but all it takes is the simple press of a button to set it in motion.

Key Benefits

  • 3-In-1 This compact little machine not only vacuums up the debris it collects with it's sweeping brushes but gives you the option of damp mopping your floors as well for that extra touch.

  • Anti-Drop The FurBot is equipped with an anti-drop detection sensor so you don't have to worry about it falling down the stairs.

  • Smart Navigation With a multidirectional navigation wheel on the bottom it can maneuver around any objects it encounters by quickly changing directions when needed.

  • Works In The Background The FurBot is so quiet you'll barely know it's there.

  • Slim Design With it's low profile, the FurBot can easily pass under furniture in your room reaching those hard to get places.

  • Available In A Variety Of Colors With three colors to choose from you'll be able to select a FurBot that compliments any décor.

    Features & Specs

    • Long Battery Life The long lasting 1200MAH battery will give you up to 90 minutes of continual use before needing to be recharged. 

      • Far Reaching Brushes With extra long brushes that extend past the end of the vacuum, the FurBot can make tighter connections to the perimeter of the room.

      • Multi-Functional Cloth The microfiber cloth can be attached dry for extra dusting action or you can add a little moisture to it to utilize the polishing feature.  When it needs to be freshened up, simply detach it from the velcro connections and throw it in the wash.

      • Next Level Filter The FurBot comes with an internal filter to guarantee it traps even the finest of dust and dander particles around your home.

      • Refresh When Needed Replacement batteries, brushes, filters, and cloths are available for separate order to extend the life of your FurBot.

      • Product Parameters 
        Dust Box: 13.5 oz  |  Suction: 1800PA
        Noise Level: <40DB  |  Rated Power: 3W
        Charging Time: 3 Hours
        Applications: Any Flat Solid Surface
        ( Marble  |  Tile  |  Wood  |  Etc )

        * Please note you'll need to open the battery cover with the included screw driver to connect the power cord before initial use.


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