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What Are You Doing
To Win The War On Fur?

Do you find fur in every corner of your house?  The DeFURminator can help tame this problem.  By combing your dog regularly you can collect and dispose of a large amount of fur in one sitting as opposed to gathering it a piece at a time from your bed, your clothes, or your food.

Is Your Dog's
Shiny Coat The Talk
Of The Neighborhood?

Do you wish your dog had a shinier coat of fur?  By using the DeFURminator on a regular basis you can strip away the dull matted fur revealing your dog's vibrant natural coat.

Key Benefits

  • Save Time By combing your dog regularly you can reduce the amount of unwanted fur that shows up around your house, reducing your weekly cleaning time.  
  • Shinier Coat Combing your dog's fur stimulates circulation and helps distribute natural oils.  Those oils add that healthy shine to your dog's coat.
  • Happier Healthier Dog By maintaining your dog's coat through combing, you not only get valuable bonding time that builds trust and relaxes your dog, but you also help prevent painful matted fur that can lead to serious skin irritations and become familiar with your dog's body making it easier to spot potential problems early.  

Features & Specs

  • High Quality Materials The DeFURminator comb consists of a durable stainless steel comb and high quality ergonomic handle that's shaped for comfortable grip.
  • FURejector Button Easily clean the comb during use by pressing the FURejector button to free it for continued collection.
  • Variety Of Sizes With four different sizes you're sure to find a comb that will minimize the time needed to groom your dog. 

What’s Included

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